Meet Cherry Grey, our African Grey Congo Parrot.  She is quite the Hoot and we love sharing our lives with her.  Sometimes we have her up on her live feed stream on livestream but lately time does not allow.  So here are a few of her videos that show how she is coming along, what she is learning and how she loves to sing and talk.  We have not sexed her yet, we just enjoy having her with us; and she would tell you she feels the same. She loves to be in the same room with us, her Parronts.  It’s very hard to own any type of Parrot so think hard before you decide to purchase one.  You are purchasing a life long commitment that just may out live you.  We will most likely have to include her in our wills, she will out live us.  Grey’s can live up to 75 yrs and owners need to prepare for that.  Most Greys are very demanding, Cherry is no exception.